Class 5: Realm of the South

Awesome class, everyone! And deep gratitude to Nil for allowing us to use her space and her home <3

Here is are the links to the recordings from class:

Follow up from Fire Ceremony

Some important things to remember about a Fire Ceremony, is that the next 2 months are very important to concretely removing a layer of what it is that is standing in the way of you and your authenticity.

2 weeks from the Fire Ceremony, your actions will be 100x more potent to Great Spirit/God/The Universe

2 months from the Fire Ceremony, your actions will be 10x more potent to Great Spirit/God/The Universe

At 2 weeks, we do a gratitude fire to thank Grandfather Fire, for helping us release these patterns/beliefs into the fire. Remember that God/the Universe will give us plenty of opportunities to ask us “Are you sure you don’t want to take it back?” So that means – be mindful of your actions! The reason why we do a gratitude fire is to get us to slow down and be cognizant of the change we initiated with the fire.

Example: If you happened to throw addictions into the fire, but you are constantly feeding one of your addictions to Facebook in this 2 week period, then that indicates to Spirit that you’re not really that serious. Situations will come up related to what you threw in the fire. If I threw an aspect of myself that is self sabotaging into the fire, I’m sure there will be opportunities within the next 2 weeks that will bring up an opportunity for my self-sabotaging behavior to come up again. Every time you say “No” or “Yes”, those are reinforcing your boundaries and patterns. You can say “No” or “Yes” with your actions, and not just with your words. Every time you choose to stay home because you are tired/exhausted from a long day at work, you are saying “Yes” to self-care and “No” to situations that would potentially have you giving away energy where you don’t have it. Every time you choose a cup of green tea over soda, you’re saying “Yes” to healthier substitutes and “No” to old patterns of compromising health choices.

It’s all up to you 🙂 And we are here to support each other. Feel free to message me if you’ve got other questions come up. This is a GREAT opportunity to start texting and becoming closer with one another. (“Dude, that thing that I threw in the fire? It totally slapped me in the face …”) And also if you wanted to shoot me an email if you’re feeling overwhelmed and want extra support. I’ve been praying for each and every one of you daily ❤️

Next Steps

I journeyed for next steps for everyone and the major advice from Grandfather Fire is to “Hold the Line”. Which is pretty much what everyone has been doing in this month of chaos. Nothing else is required because just acknowledging those moments where the universe comes up to ask you, “Hey, you dropped this pattern, are you sure you don’t want this?” You say “No” or “Yes” with your actions consciously instead of going to default autopilot like you have been.

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