Class 2 – Restoring your birthright

That was an absolutely deep, rich, and beautiful class we experienced. Thank you all for your vulnerability and willingness to show up. Here are the different recordings from class:

Before lunch recording

Sharing from the void ceremony – recording

After that, we moved into the void ceremony. Here are the recordings for everyone:

Class wrap up – recording

Remember that the first two weeks after a soul retrieval tend to happen automatically without you thinking about it. For those that are interested or curious about what to do after the two weeks, here is the Soul Retrieval Integration handout.

In case you haven’t received the email, this is the poll for the two week check in.

Introduction to the Soul Compass Path Community!

I mentioned to you guys the list of how you guys can reach out for help! You can follow this page here to be connected with the Soul Compass Path Community. You all have also been added to the email group so you all can reach out for help to the wider community for support. I’ve gotten a lot of enthusiastic responses from last years group because they felt it was helpful in their own process to help support one each other through the first year – and they want to help you guys. I feel humbled at the level of interaction between these classes and to have people feel comfort from all of this!

Follow up and optional listening

This is the category on the basics of living well. I giggle because I know all the people that got interviewed on the WSN podcast for the different years of the cycle teachings.

The episode, “Moving into the Deep Water” is pretty much an introduction to Energy Body Mastery. Again, you can expand on the very basics of what I explained the first class. This is a consistent thing that we will keep coming back to, again and again. I highly encourage and recommend Energy Body Mastery for anyone who wishes to go further with this work. And if you happen to sign up for it, let me know! Or you can input as a reference for it 🙂

Other then that, I think that’s pretty much it! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at I’m here to help you!

Other helpful links