Class 8 – Realm of the East

Well that was a fun and exciting class!

Turns out that the recording chopped itself off towards the end, so they got separated into two batches. There were also some technical difficulties that made the air ritual not get recorded. I had to check in with my guides, and they said that it wasn’t needed to record it. It was the experience that mattered, and being there in the moment for each other is the take away.

Date has been decided for our halfway point check in!! Monday, April 1st at 9pm! Bring your questions, bring your concerns, and bring your challenges!! It’s going to be JUICY everyone!!

For extra follow up to prepare for the next two weeks:

Whenever things get overwhelming, ask, “Who is driving the bus?” If it is not your authentic self, then pull over and allow your Authentic Self to drive the bus.

It is very possible that you might be hijacked at any point during the next 2 weeks. Call forward your authentic self with GUSTO, and if it doesn’t go away just send me a message and I’ll help discern what it is that needs to get addressed next.

Just in case your hijacking continues, you can always either journey or enter the clearing space to access the control panel in your 6th chakra. Make sure your truth cord and grounding cord, as well as your connection with your authentic self buttons and nobs are turned up and have big protective things on them. For anyone that needs it, here is the control panel meditation.

Hang tight!! We’re going to move some heavy cultural shit in a bit!!

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