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Hi Mike and Sheila!

Alright! So here is your guide to sharing in the experience we all had on class 7! After much journeying and dancing, I put together this for you.

Before you start, it is important to know that you will need a few hours to do this all together from start to finish. You don’t have to do the Teacher/Trickster/Earth mp3 at the same time, although it can be helpful to have it all in one go so your experience matches up with the rest of class.

We did an Earth ritual where we ended up burying old patterns of ourselves that no longer serve us, and that prevented our inner child from fully coming out into our life. The challenge is that most of us have a relationship with the wounded child, which is a shadow archetype of the child. The dance ritual was specifically about getting into right relationship with our inner child.

Here is the video recording from the last class
Here is the audio recording from the last class

You guys can listen up to the part where we start sharing our results from the dances. We actually spread the dance ceremony over lunch and had people really sit with their power object. But I recorded the dance journey with the prompts so all you guys need to do is just make sure you’re alone and can dance with your power object you’re going to bury. Make sure it’s small enough where you don’t have to go through a lot of trouble in order to bury it.

Dance journey to meet our inner child – Around 30 mins

Once you have danced the unresolved patterns holding you back from your inner child, then go find a nice spot in nature. Preferably in your backyard or somewhere within walking distance. Find a nice spot to bury your power object, and do a walking divination. As you are on your way to this perfect burial spot, take in what you see around you. Everything you see and are affected by is part of your answer for what to bring to your awareness as you bury these old patterns.

After you have buried your object, offer cornmeal or tobacco in gratitude to the spirits of the land. Spend 10 minutes out in nature and really connect in, thanking it profoundly for helping you shift or transform a vital/stuck part of your life.

If you choose, you can end up watching the results of people sharing on either the audio or video recording of last class, or you can continue and proceed to the Teacher/Trickster/Earth journey we did.

Feel free to watch the rest of the recordings once you have completed everything above. I would love if you two shared your experiences with either the dancing, burying, or connecting with the spirits of the land.

Love you guys!