Class 4: Your Bodies Toolkit

Here is the link to the recording of Class 4, that happened on Sunday, November 11th.

Month 4 Q&A scheduling and other check in questions

Some follow up material from class:

My handouts (permission to share granted if you wanted to)

Mary Tyrtle’s Handouts from Shamanic Journeying (Permission granted to share with you guys but not for students to share with those outside this circle)

Podcasts that might be helpful

Things that are coming:

  • Recording of the Authentic Self Merge
  • Recording of the control panel switches and dials

Although, if you do want a husky and not so clear version of the up above, feel free to sift through the recording until you find it. They’re both available from our class time together.

Another thing that’s coming

  • Landing page for clearings that our classmates have done. If you want to schedule a clearing session with me, that is definitely open. Especially if you’re open to having yourself be recorded! Comments and observations to notice will be posted underneath each clearing so you can see what clearings you would like to witness/grow your skill with.

Remember that we are heading into the compass starting next month. So we will be doing more ritual and ceremony. Your buttons WILL get pushed. This is a synopsis of the first 4 months in terms of the tools you have learned to proceed forward in dealing with the wheel coming ahead.

  • Energy body hygiene
    • Truth cord
    • Grounding
    • Protection = Grounding+Boundaries
  • Asking for help daily with an altar practice
  • Clearing
  • Divination
  • Journeying
  • Walks in nature/Reconnecting
  • True self remembering or Authentic self incantation
    • Being the observer
    • Staying compassionate (and curious!)

Here is the Month 4 Q&A session! It was very hand and a great discussion that we had. Even though I dominated most of the discussion to relay more channeled teachings, haha.

Links that could be helpful