Class 3: Shamanic Tools and Techniques

In this class, we will be navigating altered states of consciousness. One of the reasons why the first two months are so important and foundational is because we need to know WHO WE ARE before we begin to communicate with the bigger things out there. When we jump right into these deep relationships without a solid foundation of who we are inside, we over identify with these other energies and can lose our sense of identity.

This does not mean that if you really feel you don’t know who you are, you can’t do this. You just have to be aware of when you are in your body versus not in your body. We have to consistently keep reminding ourselves of what our life purpose is, not following what big things or society are telling us to do. By interacting with spirit helpers, guides, divinations, etc. we can keep peeling away the layers to discover who we are. But if we don’t have clear boundaries or a sense of grounding as we dive deeper, we can easily get pushed around and overwhelmed.

Blog post to read to prep: Strengthening our connection to Spirit

Handy Podcasts of interest from Why Shamanism Now (these are not required, just in case you’re interested):

Different types of helping spirits we can run into:

If you have an iphone, you can look for them on the podcasts icon.

Join us at 9am for some stone turnings or questions about clearing. We will also be doing a live divination session for people to see an example of a bone throwing session.