Class 2: Restoring Your Birthright

For the inner healer visualization listen below, or you can download here.

Keep a journal of your triggers, or your stones, to make it easier when we have our clearing calls. Here are support documents for you:


Here is the recording for the class, so you can go back through and take notes. Group Soul Retrieval starts around 3hrs10mins in case you just want to fast forward to that. If you want assistance to download this on your phone, click here.

References mentioned in class

The artists used during the Void Ceremony were Byron Metcalf and Kamal. Byron was during the dancing, and Kamal was the calm, peaceful, restorative music at the end right before lunch.

References for Soul collage (but seriously, there are so many out there), and art therapy mandala creation. Honestly, its about feeling into it and allowing whatever emotions to come out through paper/pen.

Allison provided a great reference in her world, which is similar to the shamanic work we are doing – Internal Family Systems Therapies.

Here is the PDF follow up for the soul retrieval. We will be going over this many times, both at the 2 week check in/Q&A, as well as at the beginning of the next class.

Clearing groups

Thank you to those who stuck around after class and started discussing possible meeting times with each other to either meet weekly or bi-weekly and clear. It is highly recommended to do once weekly. I will be sending out emails shortly so I can hop on calls when I can so we can do this all together, and you guys can have support. If I can’t make it, then I will talk to some other members of my community to hop onto calls with you guys. The groups are as follows:

  • Peter, Robin, and Susan L.
  • Xuang-Hong, Sheila, and Susan G.
  • Mike and Allison
  • Rowanne and Ron

When there are times that we meet weekly, I’ll set up a google calendar page, so in case you want to hop onto someone elses call to clear/learn, there is that option/availability 🙂

2 week Q&A

Here is the link to the wonderful 2 week Q&A session 🙂

And don’t forget to be fabulous, everybody. Don’t be a drag, just be a Queen. Because you were born this way!


Dude, just do the clearing calls and checking in with each other 😉 Nothing like last time. As references pop up, I’ll add them to the website. But just sit tight with this material and process the work we did this past Sunday.

Recommended watching before next class (if you haven’t watched it yet): Stroke of insight with Jill Bolte Taylor

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