Class 1: Basics of Living Well

Like the music we sang? Don’t worry, there’s more music coming! Get a taste of it with some lyrics over at the Sing-A-Long page!

This is the recording of the class. You can download it if you like, or email me and I can show you how to make it available on your phone or smart device.

Should be good to listen back to different times where your notes might have been a little shotty or maybe when some resistance was coming up. If there is interest I can record above and below/grounding meditations.

Required reading homework

These three items are less then 10 minutes of a read each.

  • Energy Bucket metaphor – A blog post I wrote years back after listening to Energy Body Hygiene (podcast from Christina)
  • Change and Transformation – A vital theory to explore as we continue moving forward with these teachings and how to really be present for each other while keeping our container in mind.
  • Creating a Container for Transformation – Looking beyond the bucket. Why do we bother with transformations?
  • Keep a journal of your triggers, or your stones. If you don’t do stone turning yet, then just keep a journal of triggers. For those that wish to turn stones either by yourselves or with partners, here are support documents for you:
  • For the inner healer visualization listen below, or you can download here.

Suggested homework/followup

  • Spiritual Protection Handout – This is the handout I was referring to in class. It also has the True Self meditation on the back.
  • Christina Pratt is the teacher I am currently studying with. She is also the Shaman for the Non-Local Shamanic Community that I am apart of. She will not be teaching the Energy Body Mastery course next month, but two people from my community are (Langston Kahn and Jane Carr). The link to sign up for Energy Body Mastery is here. Remember to put in for the referral 😀

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Recommended Listening from Why Shamanism Now:

For those that are interested in practicing these tools daily….

  • If you want to get serious about a “for real” altar practice, these are the energies that I call in at each direction. This is a contemporary cosmology, and is meant to overlay whatever system you believe in.
  • Here’s a good podcast from Christina about an altar practice. If you really want to go overboard, listen to this one about shrines and community.
  • Even if it’s just a few minutes, try to “imagine” the above and below every morning and night. Keep your journal close by, because it’s possible some stones might come up (like resistance, making up excuses, etc).
  • Be open and curious as you explore your boundaries. If you notice some rips and tears at the beginning or the end of the day. Ask the above energy to coat and reinforce your boundary so that you are whole-ly protected. Is there a difference when you check in the morning and at night?
  • Again, we are establishing a new energy habit and that takes 30 days to solidify. Remember to check in with someone or with the group in general (using google groups) to check the progress how you’re doing. Be gentle with yourself if you’re just not in a place to commit to it. But are you at least engaging with some of the material, like grounding or connecting above? Noticing stones in your life?

Here is an extra handout from Mary Tyrtle Rooker that might prove of interest. I got permission from Mary to use some of her handouts for the Course this year. Please do not share the documents that have “Shamanic Spring” listed at the top.

  • Nausea and Power – Why do we get nauseous or feel heat when doing energy/spiritual work?

Things to keep in mind for next class

  • Recommended watching before next class: Stroke of insight with Jill Bolte Taylor
  • Bring and altar item if you feel called to ask for help at the altar on behalf of the group
  • Try not to forget that same journal you brought with you today. It’s a lot of information we are covering, and it’s a good idea to record down YOUR reaction to this work. It’s time for you to show up and be accountable for yourself 🙂
  • You all will be experiencing 2 major shamanic healing ceremonies. Bring whatever “after care” items you need, like a comfort blanket, favorite water bottle, or whatever rings your truth cord.
  • Bring an eye curtain if you want to, but we will have a Shamanic arts and crafts night to make them on September 30th. Link on Facebook and Meetup.
  • If you would like more information about journeying, you can come to the Shamanic Journeying Basics course on Sept 22nd. Since you guys are in the course, you don’t have to pay the $15 class fee. Link on Facebook and Meetup. Earlier in the day will be an event for world peace through Yours truly will be hosting 🙂


Q&A for 2 week follow up

Agenda is located here

Here is the recording, or you can click this link to download it.

Recommended watching before next class: Stroke of insight with Jill Bolte Taylor

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