Soul Compass Path 2018

Hello everyone!

This will be the landing page for the course content for the Program. So keep checking back here and I will have things updated as we go!

This is the link to a PDF containing everyone else’s contact information in case you want to reach out to each other individually.

These are the links to the course material

Here is a link to the main resources page

If something makes you uncomfortable, or you need a little extra help talking through something, either reach out to Stephanie for assistance. Contact information is below:

Stephanie Seger –, call/text 571.306.3197. Respond faster to text.

For any other links or helpful things we talked about in class, ask about it and we will make sure it gets on this page as a resource! Please don’t share this private link with anyone outside of this class. These are for the students taking this course and who have invested time/energy/resources to be here.

Here is the link to the google group

Address: 6701 Applemint Lane, Alexandria, VA 22310

Basic house rules:

  • Please keep in mind this is a private home. Please be courteous/kind to the house.
  • There are parking spaces next to the house. If they fill up, then try to find another visitors parking spot in the neighborhood. Last resort is to park on the street so you won’t get towed.
  • Since we have shifted our major teaching space from downstairs to upstairs due to sheer volume, let’s enter in through the front door (the one up the stairs). Door will be unlocked, so just come on it.
  • Shoes off by front door please. There’s a white cubby to also put shoes in.
  • Food and drinks in kitchen and conference table area only please. Water only on carpeted areas. Please bring water containers if you remember them.
  • Meals will not be provided, but snacking foods will be located on the conference table. You are free to use the refrigerator for storage, just make room. If you bring something to share, make sure to write on a note card what’s in it.
  • Morning movement starts at 9am for August and September.

Links to: