Shamanic Healing Session


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Feel like you are stuck or missing something in your life? The major reason why we are alive is to fulfill our lives purpose. When we are not living authentically in the world, we are not doing what we were born into this life to do. When we are living empty lives, we fill our day with things that make us feel hollow. Sometimes we just need a clearing, release work, or a kick start ceremony to allow healing energy to flow into our life.

Shamanic healing is something that helps bring us back into alignment when we sense that things have gotten a little bit off track. It’s about restoring the parts of ourselves that are exhausted, lost, or confused. It’s about getting rid of the unnecessary energies that prevent us from really stepping into our true power. Shamanic Healing includes (but is not limited to) sound healing, soul retrieval, extraction work, compassionate depossession,  curse unraveling, house clearing, integration work, and chakra alignment.

All services based off of a sliding scale fee. Pay what is within your range to pay. Those who pay on the higher end help me so that I can afford to see clients who cannot afford as much. It is up to you what price is right within your heart. If you feel called to donate extra or make a one time donation, feel free to PayPal in order to make a one time support donation.

If you support this way of life and want to continue supporting, there are rewards for people who contribute regularly so that a stable source of income can be counted on that will allow me to continue doing this work in a good way.


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