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    Wow! I am so blessed by the open community that is forming around this US Tour. There has been an interest generated that I am humbled to witness/be apart of. Here is the first of a 3 part Ceremony series called the Water Blessing Ceremony – Coast to Coast Series.

    It’s not too late! This Ceremony was recorded for a reason, and the way it was energetically set up means that people can participate at any time as long as they have heart and meaning when they participate. Feel free to pass this Ceremony along to friends or family that might be interested in putting their prayers energetically into that bottle of water that currently holds water from the Potomac River. It’s short, simple and only 30 minutes. Not a lot of “woo woo”, so even people that are new to Ceremony don’t have to be intimidated. It’s as simple as saying why we are grateful for water, and all of the lovely things that water does. Apologies for the airplanes in the background! Will bring the microphone next time so the wind blowing doesn’t affect the sound quality and it will be easier to hear the speaker.

    Here is the link to the recording.

    The link is supposed to just have the embedded video. If you want to share your opinions, please share them here in the forums. If you are having trouble accessing the forums, it’s possible you have not signed up. So please email for support.

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