Welcome to the forums of Eagle Therapies! This is the space for people to begin interacting with other like minded people. The main thing is for people to connect over the virtual ceremonies, journey group topics, and overall experience of living a more spiritual life. The main ailment that we suffer as a Western Contemporary Culture is the lie of separation. Here we can begin to explore connections to other people so we don’t have to feel so alone.

The forums will be moderated, and any comments that are deemed inappropriate, uncompassionate, and detracts attention from the intention of the topic – will be deleted. We want to encourage safety to allow people to speak for themselves without the fear of being judged.

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If you would like to join the forums but don’t have an account, please email and fill out this brief questionnaire. If you have already come to a Journey Group, just email and we can just add you to the forums. If you already do have an account, then feel free to Curious as to why there are so many spiders now that we are beginning to utilize the forums? Visit this post for more information 🙂