Energy Body Mastery for Teens

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Energy Body Mastery! If you are viewing this web page, it’s because you’ve been carefully sought out for a special opportunity and I’m excited to engage with you.

This is my son and I, in a slot canyon in Utah

Like you, I’m a parent of a teenager. And to be honest, I’m struggling to communicate with my son because of a variety of reasons. I’m doing my best as a single mom, but it really does take a community to raise a kid. One of the biggest things that helped me bridge the gap was the strong communities that I have found. I’ve studied a variety of healing modalities across the decade that I’ve had Eagle Therapies, but nothing has been as effective as Energy Body Mastery. So much so, that I have become a teacher in training for it!

So here I am, having a lived experience of why these teachings have helped, and I am also asking for help so that I can teach this for real. Because I am a Teacher in training, I am not charging for this class. If you feel called to offer a donation, it will happily be accepted.

Now the question is: Why Energy Body Mastery?

Here is just a short list of how the tools and techniques presented in the course have helped me:

  • Maintained a cool head during heated conversations
  • Ability to examine my intentions before I enter into a conversation, and also be able to examine what went wrong if a conversation went sideways
  • Helped get me out of my own way so that I can learn to be more present as a parent
  • Held space for random acts of love in very unexpected ways so that I could build a relationship on a strong foundation of trust/support

I know the sound of “Energy Body Mastery” might not appeal to some, but this is not some woo-woo meditative practice where you can go into a bliss zone while your teen grows up to be a scary reflection of what society is conglomerating into. The meaning of the word “Mastery” means that it’s not about being perfect, but practicing how we can get back up again after it feels like we have failed. If you’re a parent, when haven’t we thought about how bad of a parent we are? Even if you’re skeptical, try it out and experiment to see if this is right for you. In this 7 week course, you will begin to learn how to gain more mastery over your own reactions to potentially explosive situations (especially as hormones get added to the mix). To be transparent with the goal of this course, is to create a support network of other parents learning these skills, and then inviting our teens to take the course with us in the spring.


This course will take place over the course of 7 weeks. There will be a a presentation and Q&A on September 22nd, 2022. You can come to see if it’s right for you. If you are willing to commit and connect, but can’t make all the classes – that’s okay! You can always check the recording. Each class will have an associated handout that is a basic summary of the class and what we talked about.

Here is the class schedule:

  • Orientation and Q&A – September 22nd
  • Class 1 – September 29th
  • Class 2 – October 6th
  • Class 3 – October 20th
  • Class 4 – October 27th
  • Class 5 – November 3rd
  • Class 6 – November 10th
  • Class 7 – November 17th

For optional engagement, if you wish to continue to practice these skills, there will be a once monthly meeting to check in and troubleshoot how these skills have been working in your own life. Get advice from other parents, or simply listen to updates and connect with other parents most likely struggling with the same thing. Dates and times to be determined based on interest after the class is over.

Class 1 – The compassion of connection and below

What does it mean to be “grounded”? It has become popular enough that many people are starting to use it in their daily conversations. However, what does it mean to be connected to the earth? We begin here, as well as exploring the assumptions about connection. We can’t be present for others if we are constantly feeling drained, pushed, or pulled in so many different directions that we don’t have a solid way to generate nourishment for ourselves.

Class 2 – Connection to the Unknown and above

What does it mean to have faith? Trust in the unknown? The scariest thing about parenting is that there are so many different ways to do it, but the reason is because each child has their own needs that need to get addressed individually. One of the valuable things we learn in this class is how to release control and expectation, and learning how to navigate life with our own sense of innate truth.

Class 3 – Creating intelligent boundaries

One of the most exhausting things about being a parent is how our boundaries constantly are getting pushed and tested by our kids. It is such a relief to step into the possibility that our boundaries have an intelligence all it’s own. How nice would it be if we could learn when to stop stepping on egg shells and listen to what our body is trying to tell us about any given situation?

Class 4 – Owning your power to create change

Once we have the basic elements of a healthy energy body, now we begin to explore what it is like to take sovereignty and ownership of our own body. In this class, we begin to access our bodies own ability to heal itself, and gain valuable exercises that can help us ground our practice in the practical. How can we apply this to our every day life, and what change will it make?

Class 5 – Unlocking your inner wisdom

Pfffffft, I’ll get to writing something meaningful later….