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SJG: Hurricane Florence

With hurricane Florence on it’s way, we decided to have this suggested journey topic (for more information about journeying and what it is, click here) go to the spirit of the hurricane. It can be intense at times, but we all managed to get pretty good journey results. Feel free to post your results either here or on the Facebook Group. If you need assistance journeying at home, feel free to follow this guide.

The book I referenced is called, “Weather Shamanism: Harmonizing Our Connection with the Elements” by Nan Moss and the late David Corbin. They both started the teaching collaborative of Down to Earth based out of MA. Nan is a Foundation of Shamanic Studies teacher, and holds local weather circles in her area.

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2 thoughts on “SJG: Hurricane Florence

  1. Great topic!
    As I connected I felt the need from humanity is for a deeper understanding of cleansing. We all have to get balanced and at times that can involve strong emotions/changes or forces.
    Cohabitation was the next message, and knowing that we, within us, hold all of the elements as well. We are one in many ways and yet the weather/storms show us where change needs to be made. Hopefully💖 the loss of life will be minimal on all fronts, plants and animals included.

    We are experiencing a time of great change and it can be extremely rough when we are in the space of the cleansing path.

    Thank you for providing the space for this💖 lots of love to you💖

    1. Wow! That’s awesome! And very on-par with what the participants present at the circle got 🙂 It seems the main function of Hurricane Harvey is to cleanse and detox the area. I actually got that specifically it was to help cleanse the energy from dreams or intentions that were unfulfilled. Lots of people had great ideas, but they were not grounded in a way that allowed the seeds to flourish. Hurricane Florence is nature’s way of helping rebalance that energy and recycling those old dreams so they can become neutral and used for new dreams in the future 🙂

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